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Wild About Illinois Wasps!

Kingdom: Animalia - Animals are multicellular organisms that rely on other organisms for nourishment. Their cells do not have cell walls. Most animals are capable of movement at least in some portion of their life cycle. Reproduction is generally sexual, but in some animals asexual reproduction may be utilized at certain times.
Phylum: Arthropoda - Arthropods have an external skeleton, a segmented body and jointed appendages. They are covered with a cuticle made of chitin. The cuticle is hard and must be molted, or shed, for the animal to be able to grow. Compound and simple eyes are present. They have an open circulatory system. There are nearly 28,000 types of arthropods known from Illinois. They are represented in all Illinois habitats.
Class: Insecta - Insects have three body divisions, the head, thorax and abdomen. They usually have three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings. Legs and wings are positioned on the thorax. Most insects have one pair of antennae. A few insect species have no antennae.
Order: Hymenoptera - The sawflies, ichneumons, chalcids, ants, wasps and bees are classified in this order. Those hymenopterans with wings have four wings. The hind wings are smaller than the front wings and have a row of hooks on the front edge by which they can attach to the front wing. The wings are thin and clear with few veins. The antennae usually have 10 or more segments and are fairly long. Metamorphosis is complete (egg, larva, pupa, adult).

Species Gallery

Listed below are several wasp species common to Illinois. This portion of the page will be added to as species images and information becomes available.

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