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Archive for Species Survey Grants

The grants that are not hyperlinked have no associated report.

2015-L16W Survey of Historic Populations of Slackwater Fish Species in Greatest Need of Conservation in the Cache River Watershed: This project will provide critical information to update the IL Wildlife Action Plan Stream Campaign by identifying locations of slackwater fish Species in the Cache River watershed. Species Survey
2015-023W Bat Communities in IL State Parks and Nature Preserves in Coles and Clark Counties: Bat Inventory and Habitat Associations: The study will aid in the protection of native bat species through inventory and research. Species Survey
2015-018W Status and Potential Decline of Relict Chestnut Oak (Quercus montana Wild) in Illinois: Visit southern IL chestnut oak sites to evaluate tree health, provide Forest Service & IDNR managers a more accurate view of the species' status in the Shawnee & Ozark Hills. Species Survey
2015-015W Northern Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) Hibernation Site Selection at Stemier Cave: To determine the hibernacula snakes use at Stemler Karst natural areas. Travel expenses and materials/supplies. Species Survey
2015-014W Field Survey of the zig-zag salamander (Phethodon dorsalis-Family Plethodontidae) in Illinois: Confirm historical sites and find new locality (population) records of Plethodon dorsalis. Species Survey
2014-L18W Development and Use of a Diagnostic Assay for Detection of Chrysosporium in Timber Rattlesnakes and Eastern Massasaugas: Develop a sensitive diagnostic test to accurately diagnose this disease in clinical and subclinical snakes and determine the prevalence of disease in timber rattlesnakes & Eastern Massasaugas. Species Survey
2014-L05W Recovery of Greater Prairie Chickens in Illinois Species Survey
2014-L03W Survey and Update of Historical Element Occurrence Records for Plants in Region 5 of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources: This project would update historical plant records in Region 5 for the IDNR Natural Heritage Database. Species Survey
2014-033W Detection & Occupancy of Crawfish Frogs (Lithobates areolatus) at Pyramid SP: Survey of crawfish frogs; identify site-specific variables that affect occupancy of crawfish frogs. Species Survey
2014-028W Occupancy of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Seasonal Wetlands: Sample and identify aquatic macroinvertebrates I seasonal wetlands Species Survey
2013-L03W Survey of Historic Populations of Fish Species in Greatest Need of Conservation: This study will serve to focus sample efforts on spring cavefish, ozark minnow and largescale stoneroller and assess habitat and community data associated with sampled sites. Species Survey
2013-L01W Plants of Concern: Mobilizing Citizen to Study and Protect Illinois' Rare Plants through Long-Term Monitoring Species Survey
2013-032W Freshwater Snail Surveys of Wetlands in Northern Illinois: A freshwater snail survey is needed to accurately portray the status of the assemblages (e.g., rare species) ad provide baseline data to evaluate the effects of human activities Species Survey
2013-031W Freshwater Mollusks of the Middle-Mississippi River: To sample the freshwater mollusk assemblage of the middle Mississippi River and collect data on the distribution and structure of the assemblage. Species Survey
2013-027W Population Characteristics and Habitat use of Ornate Box Turtles (Terrapene ornata ornata) in Remnant and Restored Tallgrass Prairie.: Determine habitat selection of the ornate box turtle within remnant and restored tallgrass and assess population demography. Species Survey
2013-026W Population Dynamics of Endangered Iresine rhizomatosa (Juda's bush): To determine the potential for I. rhizomatosa populations to increase or decrease in size in the near future. Species Survey
2013-025W The Effects of Sugar Maple and Red Elm Removal and Fire on Macrofungi in Baber's Woods Nature Preserve: This study is to examine changes in macrofungi community structure in Baber's Woods relative to changes in forest composition. Species Survey
2013-018W INAI Update Tree Core Curatorial Work and Basic Analysis: This information will add scientific value to the recently completed INAI update. Species Survey
2013-013W Conservation Assessment of Smooth Green Snakes in DuPage and McHenry Counties: To expand survey efforts and population assessments for the grassland-dependent smooth green snake (Opheadrys vernalis). Species Survey
2013-012W Age and Fire Chronology of Red Cedar on the Cliff Escarpment of Fult's Hill Prairie, Monroe Co., IL: Objectives are to age trees, to obtain approx. dates and frequency of fire scars that may be present and determine whether annual increments represent strongly variable growth rates. Species Survey
2013-004W Black Crowned Night Heron Rookery Protection: A fence would be installed around the trees to help protect this species; that have fallen from the nest. Species Survey
2012-L05W Surveys to update historic (>10 yrs old) endangered and threatened species occurrences in Illinois (yr 2 of anticipated 5 yr project): To contract one field season of surveillance to revisit endangered and threatened animal species occurrences that are greater than 10 yrs old in IDNR/Admin. Reg 2 Species Survey
2012-021W Investigations of native Pinus echinata (shortleaf pine) in southwestern Illinois: travel, special services, material and shipping to investigate the presence and distribution of known and suspected native shortleafed pine in southern IL. Species Survey
2012-018W Survey and Status of the Eastern massasauga (Sisrurus c. catenatus) and Kirtland's snake (Clonophis Kirtlandii) at Allerton Park, Piatt County, Illinois: Furthery Surveys and continued monitoring will increase the degree of accuracy in abundance estimates and aid in the conservation of these species Species Survey
2012-016W Ground Beetle Assemblages on Illinois' Algific Talus Slopes: A rare habitat threatened by climate change: travel expenses and materials for data from the Ground Beetle collections that will be analyzed to calculate seasonal and site specific species diversity, evenness & richness Species Survey
2012-014W The Effects of Microhabitats on the Population Structures of Forest Floor Small Mammals: Explore if the spatiotemporal patterns of rodent acitivty in a central Illinois Hardwood forest are random Species Survey
2012-011W Red Mulberries in Illinois: What is the "Real" Species, and Where is its "Real" Range: sample trees from at least 35% of the counties across the state; analyze the DNA and identify each as Red Mulberry, White Mulberry, or hybrid Species Survey
2012-010W Field Survey of the Eastern Collard Lizard at Ferne Clyffe State Park, Johnson Co. Illinois: This herpetological project is to determine whether or not the Eastern Collard Lizard is still present at Ferne Clyffe Species Survey
2011-L23W Resurveying known historical localities and searching new sites for the Copper bellied Water Snake (Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta) in southeastern Illinois: To visit historical locations to assess the continued occurrence, abundance and general status of this snake as well as other localities with suitable habitat for assessment. Species Survey
2011-L20W Status of the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake in Knox, Piatt, and Warren Counties, Illinois: To locate any remaining populations of eastern massasauga in these counties. Areas where surveys will occur will be selected by the type of habitat present and proximity to or presence of a historic locations. Species Survey
2011-L17W Updating historic (>10 yrs old) endangered and threatened species occurrences in Illinois (year one of anticipated 5-year project): To revisit E/T animal species occurrences that are greater than 10 years old in IDNR Administrative Region 5 Species Survey
2011-L12W Monitoring Little Brown Bat Maternity Colony via Radio-Telemetry in Southern Illinois Prior to the Arrival of White Nose Syndrome (WNS): Purchase of 20 radio-transmitters Species Survey
2011-L11W Butterfly, Skipper and Dragonfly Survey of Various Natural Areas in the Southern Till Plain Natural Division: To provide baseline information on these species utilitzing these areas to provide direction for the determination of management goals and objective. Species Survey
2011-L03W State-wide Survey for Ornate Box Turtle: To begin pilot survey using volunteers to determine present occupancy of historic sites and locate new sites for this species in Illinois. Species Survey
2011-L02W BioBlitz, May 2011: To jumpstart the development of a comprehensive biodiversity study of the reserve, and use the results of the BioBlitz to inform local landowners of the rich bio-diversity of the COA Species Survey
2011-025W Skokie River Nature Preserve Site Assessment: For contractual services for a Natural Resources Inventory and Management Plan for Haffner Meadow. Species Survey
2011-024W To inventory the woodland bee and wasp species composition; examine seasonal patterns in their diversity; and compare the species composition of those collected. Species Survey
2011-023W Freshwater Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidea) surveys of the Spoon and La Moine River basins: To sample the mussel communities of both the LaMoine & Spoon River basins. Species Survey
2011-022W Status of the redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus) in Illinois: To sample the fish assemblage in the Raccoon Creek basin with the objective of obtaining data on distribution and abundance of species. Species Survey
2011-021W Effects of lowhead dams on prosobranch snails: To investigate whether lowhead dams affect the habitat charactersitics and aquatic gastropod fauna in three river basins in Illinois Species Survey
2011-020W Diet of the longnose dace Rhinicythys cataractae (Valenciennes) in Illinois: To sample 3 populations for one season (Fall 2010) using stable isotope analysis to determine diet in the species Species Survey
2011-018W Population surveys, reproductive ecology, and population genetics of Besseya Bullii, a rare species: To continue surveys of species in Illinois; collect infructescences from populations for assessment; and collect genetic data on current and historic populations Species Survey
2011-017W Genetic Variation in Populations of the four-Toed Salamander at the Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area: To collect tissue samples for individual populations and use genetic analyses to estimate the genetic variation within each population Species Survey
2011-008W The community ecology associated with hog-nosed snakes: To determine if Eastern and Plain Hog-nosed Snakes exhibit particular behaviors as a function of their diets. This project will also provide a comprehensive Species Survey of the herpetofaunal communities inhabiting each of three state properties, having different habitat charactersitcs. Species Survey
2010-L18W Reproductive Success of Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis tabida) in Northeastern Illinois: Evaluate the stability of the Sandhill Crane population in Northeastern Illinois; survival of colts; and identify the conservation threats. Species Survey
2010-L17W Status of the freshwater snail Family Pleuroceridae in Illinois: Survey throughout Illinois to obtain data on distribution and abundance of the pleurocerid fauna with an emphasis on declining species Species Survey
2010-L16W The Effects of Bottomland Forest Restoration on the Breeding Bird Community in the Cache River Watershed: To conduct the first year on a 2-3 year follow up study to determine whether or not rates of nest predation and cowbird parasitism have decreased relative to the amount of restoration that has occurred. Species Survey
2010-L14W Survey of the Eastern Massasauga at Carlyle Lake: Year 12: To continue the monitoring and mark/recapture of the Eastern massasauga at Carlyle Lake; obtain population estimates for the main focus areas. Species Survey
2010-L06W Mapping the Distribution of Selected Invasive Plant Species in Selected Natural Areas in Illinois of the Gateway CWMA and the Quad Cities CWMA: To determine the distribution of invasive plant species populations of highest concern in as many natural areas of the GCWMA and QCWMA. Species Survey
2010-L04W Floristic Survey of the Lusk Creek Wilderness parcel in Pope County, Illinois: To complete a survey that would result in a comprehensive list of species characteristic of the natural communities found throughout this site. Species Survey
2010-L01W Plants of Concern: Mobilizing Citizen Scientists: To study and protect Illinois Rare Plants in northeastern Illinois through Long-Term Monitoring Species Survey
2010-024W Influence of riparian forest buffers on macroinvertebrate and fish community structure in Illinois agriculture streams: To conduct a second year of sampling at the same 9 sites to determine if patterns of variation among stream communities are consistent across multiple years Species Survey
2010-022W Prescribed fire effects on oak regeneration and overstory-ground layer interactions at Allerton Park: To determine effects on past fire management on patterns of oak regeneration in oak woodland habitat. Species Survey
2010-021W The Plover Project: Key stopovers, abundance, and habitat associations of American golden-plovers in Illinois: Re-survey 10 townships to determine the abundance of and key stopover areas for the plover. Species Survey
2010-019W Survey and Status of the Eastern massasauga (Sistrurus C. catenatus) and Kirtland's snake (Clonophis kirtlandii) at Allerton Park, Piatt County: To determine the status of the eastern massasauga and kirtlands snake at Allerton Park through visual encounter searches Species Survey
2010-015W Herpetofaunal Survey of Illinois Audubon Society Lusk Creek Tract, with Emphasis on State-listed Species: To conduct a survey of this tract, emphasizing specifically the mudpuppy, timber rattlesnake, and smooth softshell turtle. Species Survey
2010-013W Species richness and abundance in nest predator communities in urban woodlands and residential habitat: To determine why open-cup nest species are more vulnerable to nest predation in forest preserve than in residential areas. Species Survey
2010-012W Distribution and relative abundance of Blanding's turtles (Emydoidea blandingii)in Northern Kane County: To determine the presence or non-detection of Blanding's turtles at 5 Forest Preserves. Species Survey
2010-005W Inventory of Land Birds in Northeast Illinois: To provide materials to volunteers and to pay for maintenance and distribution of the database Species Survey
2009-L14W Floristic Survey of the Faulkner Tract in Johnson Co., IL: To complete a floristic survey that would provide a comprehensive list of species characteristics of the natural communities found throughout the site Species Survey
2009-L13W The recruitment and use of volunteers to collect information on the distribution of invasive species in Southern Illinois: To collect information on the distribution of invasive species in Southern Illinois Species Survey
2009-L12W Butterfly, Skipper and Dragonfly Survey of Various Natural Areas in the Southern Till Plain Natural Division: To provide baseline information on the butterfly, skipper and dragonfly species utilizing these natural areas an provide direction for the determination of management goals and objectives Species Survey
2009-030W The Reproductive Ecology of the Ornate Box Turtle at Carlyle Lake: To study the reproductive ecology to determine if the populations is reproducing and how many females contribute to the recruitment rate Species Survey
2009-029W Surveys for Nesting Sites of the Four-toed Salamander at Middle Fork SFWA: To document nesting sites for this species and estimate the number of nests at each site Species Survey
2009-028W Surveys and Status of the Eastern Massasauga (Sisturus c. catenatus) and Kirtland's snake (Clonophis kirtlandii) at Allerton Park, Piatt County, IL: To determine the status of these two snakes at Allerton Park through visual encounter searches; site surveys; evaluation of surrounding sites and suitable habitat. Species Survey
2009-027W Reproductive Biology and Population Genetics of Besseya Bullii (kittentails), a Rare Species: To survey populations of this species and update records on its distribution in Illinois by estimating the number of individuals found at 20 sites Species Survey
2009-023W Response of Flowering Dogwood (Cornus Florida) to Dogwood Anthracnose and Fire in Southern Illinois: To resample 55 long-term plots of dogwood established in 1991 and prescribed burned in 1992 and 1993 to establish the response of flowering dogwood to anthracnose and fire in La Rue Pine Hills RNA Species Survey
2009-022W A Multivariate Habitat Model for the State Threatened Cerulean Warbler and other Neotropical Migrant Songbirds in Southwestern Illinois : To establish 140 permanent vegetation plots on the SIUE campus and adjacent Bohm Woods NSR; collect quantitive data on the composition and structure of the forest community; census bluff forest avifaun; generate a predictive model to identify suitable habitat for target species. Species Survey
2009-020W Trout Valley Fen Inventory: To delineate the wetland and prepare an updated species list and FQA for the fen. To document the existing conditions, see if previously reported plants are still there or if additional ones can be found, furnish information on the quality of the site and make recommendations for restoration and long term management. Species Survey
2009-013W Herpetelogical Survey of the Faulkner Tract-Cache River State Natural Area: To complete a herpetological survey that would provide a comprehensive list of species found throughout the site Species Survey
2009-001W Monitor Indiana Bat Maternity Colonies in Southern Illinois: To monitor the population and gather information on roost selection not previously known such as temperatures and activity patterns. Species Survey
2008-L25W Evaluating Hill Prairie Quality in Illinois using Auchenorrhynch Homoptera (Insecta: Homopter) and Vascular Plants: Conduct quantitative inventories of AH and vascular plants on 15 hill prairies; calculate AHI & FQI for each site, perform statistical testing; and construct a database of species encountered. Species Survey
2008-L21W Vegetation of natural plant communities of the Kankakee Sand Area: This study will involve baseline taxonomic and ecological studies of the sand communities of the Kankakee Sand Area to determine similarities and differences in vegetation composition and structure between the major sand deposits of Illinois. Species Survey
2008-L20W Status of three freshwater snails species in the lower Ohio River basin in Illinois: To sample the freshwater snail assemblage of the lower Ohio River basin in Illinois to obtain data on distribution and abundance of the assemblage with emphasis on declining taxa. Species Survey
2008-L18W Status Survey of the Northern madtom, Notorus stigmosus, in the Lower Ohio and Wabash Rivers: To perform focused sampling to determine the present distribution and abudance of the Northern Madtom in the lower Ohio River; identify & describe habitats where they are collected. Species Survey
2008-L08W Mississippi River - Pool 22 and the Chain of Rocks - Ebonyshell Mussel (Fusconia ebena) Survey: To locate and determine the status of existing ebonyshell populations in these areas; provide information for the development of a management strategy for this species & it's associated habitat; locate potential parent stock; update Il Natural Heritage Database. Species Survey
2008-L07W The Lichen Flora of Illinois Beach State Park Nature Preserve: To document the lichen flora at Illinois Beach State Park Nature Preserve and to write and publish a flora of the lichen vegetation found there Species Survey
2008-L01W Demographic and genetic evidence to determine the rarity status of wild blue larkspur(Delphinium carolinianum) in Illinois: To support listing this species as "Threatened" a more thorough survey must be conducted to document the number of occurences, population sizes, and the range of this species in Illinois Species Survey
2008-040W The impacts of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) on native oak/hickory plant communities: To measure and compare the species composition and diversity of both native hardwood communities and stands of naturalized loblolly pines to determine their impact. Species Survey
2008-039W Identifying the distribution and habitat of Jefferson's Salamander, Ambystoma jeffersonianum, in Illinois: Modeling the niche of A. jeffersonianum in Illinois, generating predictive distribution maps of the species, and subsequently conducting site surveys within their predicted range. This is to determine the efficancy of niche modeling as a conservation tool, and to better understand the distribution and habitat of this species in the state. Species Survey
2008-038W Survey and Status of the Eastern massasauga (Sistrurus c. catenatus) and Kirtlands snake (Clonophis kirtlandii) at Allerton Park, Piatt County, Illinois: To determine the status of the Eastern massasauga and Kirtlands snake at Allerton Park through visual encounter searches. Species Survey
2008-036W A Species Survey of Spring Bay Fen Nature Preserve, Woodford County, Illinois: To conduct a comprehensive vouchered inventory of vascular plants occurring in this last know remnant of Illinois River cold water tall shrub fen. Species Survey
2008-035W Presence of the Bird-voiced Treefrog Hyla avivoca According to Call Surveys in Southern Illinois: To conduct calling surveys at 7 sites in Southern Illinois to determine the the presence of H. avivoca at these sites and the impact of these sites on the conservation of this species. Species Survey
2008-033W Mapping the invasion dynamics of Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard): To sample CCDC Collins Woods 5 years after the initial survey to generate a spatiotemporal map of an on-going garlic mustard invasion and to document the impact of the aggressive invasive species on groundlayer flora. Species Survey
2008-022W Bantam Sunfish (Lepomis symmetricus) survey of WRP Wetlands at Grassy Slough Preserve: To resurvey the wetland where bantam sunfish were previously observed and survey additional WRP wetlands on GSP to determine the extent of colonization of these wetlands by bantam sunfish. Species Survey
2008-021W Response of avian communities to invasive bush honeysuckle, Lonicera spp: To determine the composition of the avian communities in sites with an infestation of Lonicera spp. and compare them to sites containing only native shrubs. Species Survey
2008-020W Census of wintering population of two Illinois Endangered species (Short-eared Owl and Northern harrier) on reclaimed strip mine land: Perform a comprehensive census to determine if there was an actual increase in the number of owls and to trap them for banding purposes. Species Survey
2008-017W Survey of the moths, butterflies, and leafhoppers at Sweet Fern Savanna Land and Water Reserve: To conduct a survey of the conservative insect taxa that inhabit the Sweet Fern Savanna, with special attention to the large suite of conservative butterfly and moth species that historically have been found in sand ecosystems in the region Species Survey
2008-014W Using geomorphology to predict fish assemblages in eastern Illinois streams: To potentially provide insight into how geomorphology may be limiting stream biological potential, thus providing implications for stream naturalization or restoration. Species Survey
2008-010W Comparison of Plant Species and Soil Traits at Sites Where Physaria ludoviciana (silvery bladderpod) is Present or Absent in Three States: To survey plant species and to compare soils in parallel areas (within close proximity of each other) where P. ludoviciana is present or absent in three states. Species Survey
2008-009W Macrofungi associated with tree windfalls in Brownfield and Trelease Woods: To help address a trend observed in mixed forests in the Midwest where Northern red oaks are rapidly being replaced by sugar maples. Species Survey
2008-007W Harley Woods: To hire a contractor to remove garlic mustard, dames rocket and other aggressive plants to restore this ecosystem. Species Survey
2008-002W Herpetofaunal Survey of New Addition to Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve, Brickey-Gonterman Nature Preserve, and Angela's Prairie Land and Water Reserve: To determine the presence or absence of several species of hepetofauna at these sites which contain numerous hill prairies. The results of this survey would allow appropriate management plans to be made for these sites. Species Survey
2008-001W Survey for Healectris spicata, the endangered Crested Coralroot Orchid: The focus is on conducting a population count at the existing population sites, and expanding searches around prairies and glades in the vicinity of the existing sites. Species Survey
2007-L20W Monitoring Wetlands Habitat Development on the Lower Cache: To re-inventory the Grassy slough site to determine whether or not desirable forest vegetation development has continued or whether remedial action is needed to achieve the desired results. Species Survey
2007-L17W Status of the Crawfish Frog (Rana areolata) in Illinois, Year 1: Locate and Evaluate Historic Collection/Observation Localities: To determine historic distribution of the crawfish frog and locate these sites on a topo map then visit and evaluate the sites. Species Survey
2007-L12W Comprehensive Breeding Season Avian Survey of Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area, Cass County, IL: A survey of this site will document the avifauna using this State area (this hasn't been done since 1993). This will also aid in the analysis of past and current management efforts as they relate to maintenance and enhancement of avian breeding habitat. Species Survey
2007-L05W Population Survey of Habitat Restricted Butterflies: To initiate butterfly monitoring surveys three state owned sites where the butterflies are restricted to Native wetlands. The six surveys would be at Moraine Hills SP, Pistakee Bog SNA, Chain-O-Lakes SP. Species Survey
2007-L04W Plant Inventory of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area (Marion County Unit): To document the vascular plant species diversity and presence of high quality natural communities; gather quantitative data on the abundance of plant species in natural communities that exist at this site. Species Survey
2007-L03W Plants of Concern: Mobilizing Citizen Scientists to Protect Illinois' Rare Plants Through Long-Term Monitoring: To collect standardized monitoring data on rare plants; hold 3-4 volunteer training workshops each year; and to increase the number of trained volunteers. Species Survey
2007-L02W Butterfly, Skipper and Dragonfly Survey of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area: To provide baseline information on the butterfly, skipper and dragonfly species utilizing this INAI grassland site to help determine management goals and objectives. Species Survey
2007-032W Continued Monitoring of the River Cooter, Pseudemys concinna Population in Southeastern Gallatin County, IL: To continue monitoring a marked population of E/T turtles to examine cohort specific survivability and growth Species Survey
2007-023W An Inventory of the Mussel Species of the Nettle Creek: To determine the number and species of mussels populating the Nettle Creek by conducting wading surveys at 10 sites. Species Survey
2007-022W Herpitology Inventory of Skokie River Nature Preserve: To determine the species of amphibians and reptiles living at the Skokie River NP. Species Survey
2007-021W Site Inventories for Determining the Current Presence of Mississippi Green Water Snakes, Brood Banded Water Snakes, Flat Head Snake, Great Plains Rat Snake and Eastern Coachwhip Snake.: To determine the current presence of these species in known historic localities Species Survey
2007-018W Surveys of the Moths, Butterflies, and Leafhoppers at Sweet Fern Savanna Land and Water Reserve: To conduct a survey of the conservative insect taxa that inhabit the Sweet Fern Savanna, with special attention to the large suite of conservative butterfly and moth species. Species Survey
2007-012W Is Antistrophus silphii Endangered? - Preliminary Field Survey of a Rare Gall Wasp in Illinois: To locate and survey sites with populations of this species; analysis and mapping of data and produce a report Species Survey
2007-011W To examine the amphibian community at Wildcat hollow State Habitat Area following the construction of several ephemeral breeding ponds. Species Survey
2007-007W Macrofungi Associated with Tree Windfall in Old Growth Prairie Groves: To investigate macrofungi associated with tree windfall in Brownfield and Trelease Woods Species Survey
2007-002W Population Genetic Structure of the Mudpuppy Necturus m. maculosus: To survey for distribution of and genetic analysis of the mudpuppy in various drainages in Illinois Species Survey
2006-L21W Diversity of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Relation to forest Stand Characteristics and Prescribed Burning: To produce information of the usefulness of ground beetles as indicators of Habitat characteristics as well as on the ecology of ground beetles in West Central Illinois Species Survey
2006-L18W Inventory and Monitoring of Two State-Listed Snakes (Kirtlands Water Snake and the Eastern Massasauga) in Piatt County, IL: To provide continued monitoring and research of EMR and the start of Kirtland's water snake monitoring within the study site (Piatt County) Species Survey
2006-L17W Spatial Ecology of the Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) at Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve, Will County, IL: Purchase of 10 radio transmitters to survey juvenile movements and habitat requirements (Will County) Species Survey
2006-L16W Vegetation of Isolated Sand Deposits Along the Lower Illinois: Baseline taxonomic and ecological studies of the plant communities of potential natural areas along the Illinois River and parts of the Mississippi River in the Illinois River and Mississippi River Sand Areas Natural Division Species Survey
2006-L11W Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Update Plan: To cover some of the additional expenses related to completing the planning phase of the INAI Update. Species Survey
2006-L08W Freshwater Mussel Surveys of the Mackinaw and Iroquois Rivers and Tributaries: An intensive basin survey of these rivers' watersheds by collecting information on freshwater mussels species presence, abundance, recruitment and community composition at each sample station. Species Survey
2006-L02W Mississippi River-Pool 26-Mussel Bed Survey: To collect basic data on bed composition, size and location to aid in the recovery of the dwindling mussel populations. Species Survey
2006-038W Busey Woods BioBlitz: A comprehensive study done to assess the total diversity of species that reside within the 59 acre boundary of Busey Woods. Data collections will be done in 24 hours June 24-25,2005 by scientists from INHS and other regional organizations. (Champaign County) Species Survey
2006-035W Restoration of Sand Prairie in Illinois: Seed Banks and Existing Vegetation: To compare the vegetation of native sand prairie to the present and potential vegetation of former sand prairie that was protected from external impacts and vegetation for 80 years, and former sand prairie with a long grazing history. (Carroll, JoDaviess, Whiteside Co.) Species Survey
2006-034W Freshwater Mussel Surveys of Three Northwestern Illinois River Basins: To sample freshwater mussels in the Menomiee River, Sinsinawa River, and Galena River basins to obtain data on the present distribution and structure of the assemblage in each basin. (Jo Daviess County) Species Survey
2006-033W Faunal Inventory of Auchenorrhynchous Homopter (Insecta: Homopter: Auchenorrhyncha) on Illinois Tallgrass Prairies: A faunal inventory of this species across Illinois prairies. (Statewide) Species Survey
2006-032W A Survey of the Reptiles and Amphibians of Kickapoo State Park and the Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area: Investigate and monitor the populations of Blanding's turtles and four-toed salamanders so that management decisions at these sites can include these species. (Vermillion County) Species Survey
2006-029W Inventory and management of forest openings at metapopulations: Species Composition and Metapopulation Analysis of Three Forest Opening Sites within Shawnee National Forest, Illinois Species Survey
2006-027W Longterm Mark Recapture Study of a Southern Illinois Population of the Timber Rattlesnake: To summarize the first eight years of demographic data collected and collection of a ninth year of data. (Jackson County) Species Survey
2006-025W Bat Inventories with Emphasis on Locating Potential Bat Colonies in Macon County at Sand Creek and Friends Creek Conservation Area Species Survey
2006-022W Herpetofauna Inventory of War Bluff Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Golconda, Illinois August 2006 Species Survey
2006-017W Survey for Snakes in the Mineral Marsh Nature Preserve and Mccune Sand Prairie Conservation Area during May-July 2005: Ascertaining the Presence of Heterodon nasicus at Bureau and Henry County Sand Prairies in Northcentral Illinois Species Survey
2006-014W A Post Release Study of Barn Owl Survival and Dispersal in Northeastern Illinois: To gather baseline data to aid future reintroduction programs and to assess the habitat needs and limitations of this species in Northeastern Illinois (DuPage County) Species Survey
2006-012W Gall wasp Species diversity in the prairies of Central and Southern Illinois: To examine whether the known species diversity of Aylacini in North America is do to insufficient study by surveying the diversity of the group in 27 prairies and glades owned/managed by the INPC in central and southern IL by comparing the results with known records of the wasps for the region. (Monroe, Ford, Fayette, Jasper, Lawrence, Marion, Jackson, Pope, Pulaski, & Union co) Species Survey
2006-009W Adaptive Mechanism of Lesquerella Iudoviciana to survive Marginal Conditions of Illinois Sand Prairies: To understand how this species has adapted to marginal habitat conditions, and to apply information to management of it and other species native to sand prairies. (Mason County) Species Survey
2006-006W Biotic Characterization of Three Stream Segments - Macon County, IL: To collect baseline monitoring data at four stream locations to establish the existing condition prior to restoration activities (Macon County) Species Survey
2006-005W Resurvey of dusky salamander sites in Illinois: To re-examine the 23 known species sites in Illinois; search for new populations; compare and evaluate data and monitoring methods. (Pulaski County) Species Survey
2006-004W Population Viability Analysis of Easter Prairie Fringed Orchid, Pitcher's Thistle and Savanna Blazing Star: To learn advanced methods in population viability analysis, analyze this demographic data and provide management recommendations for these species. (Region 2 Cos). Species Survey
2006-002W Herpetofaunal Survey of Salt Lick Point and Luella Schaefer Memorial Hill Prairie Land and Water Reserves: To determine the presence or absence of several species of herpetofauna on the sites of these sites (Monroe County) Species Survey
2006-001W The impact of habitat fragmentation on zooplankton species composition and life history traits: To identify the composition of zooplankton species in temporary ponds; examine the hatching fraction; and examine the temporal variability of species. (Vermillion, Clark, Champaign Cos.) Species Survey
2005-L35W Census Route Study of Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia) At Sand Ridge State Forest, Mason County, Illinois: Establishing Landuse Requirements for Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia), Ottoe Skipper (Hesperia ottoe), and Cobweb Skipper (Hesperia metea) at Sand Ridge, State Forest, Mason County, IL Species Survey
2005-L32W Chelonian Community Composition of Lockport Prairie North, Will County, Illinois, with an emphasis on the Threatened Blanding's Turtle, (Emydoidea blandingi): To quantify the richness, diversity, relative abundance, and biomass of the chelonian community at this nature preserve Species Survey
2005-L31W Vegetation of the Mississippi River Sand Deposits: This study would involve baseline taxonomic and ecological studies of the plant communities of the nature preserves and natural areas within the Mississippi River Section of the Illinois and Mississippi River Sand Areas Natural Division. JoDaviess, Carroll, Whiteside, Rock Island, Mercer, Henderson, Hancock Counties Species Survey
2005-L29W The Reintroduction and Conservation of Breeding Forster's (Sterna forsteri) and Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) in Illinois: Population dynamics and behavior of Forester common, and Caspian terns in Illinois: Restoring tern populations to Illinois Species Survey
2005-L25W Inventory of Celastrus Orbiculatus Invasions in Southern Illinois: Use a GPS unit to determine the most practicable accuracy the absolute locations of approximately 40 purported locations at C. orbiculatus invasion in 12 southernmost counties of Illinois, Alexander, Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union & Williamson counties Species Survey
2005-L19We Report on a Survey to Update Historical Element Occurrence Records of Plants in Southern Illinois Species Survey
2005-L19Wd Search for Plant EOR's in Lake and McHenry Counties of Illinois Species Survey
2005-L19Wc Updating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database Species Survey
2005-L19Wb Updating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database - To update 30% of the historical plant records in Regions 1-5; permanently record locations using GPS; assess plant populations present using standardized forms; & up Species Survey
2005-L19Wa Updating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database: To update 30% of the historical plant records in Region 1-5; permanently record locations using GPS; assess plant populations present using standardized forms; & update records in INH database. Statewide Species Survey
2005-L15W Freshwater Mussel Survey of the Vermilion River (Illinois River Drainage): To assess the freshwater mussel fauna of the Vermilion River Watershed, determine the status of state-listed spike in watershed, determine Mussel Resource Values and evaluate stream qualifications for INAI status. LaSalle & Livingston Counties, IL Species Survey
2005-L14W Preconstruction Monitoring of Shorebirds at Lake Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Management Areas: Conduct an official census of shorebirds and waterbirds prior to ecosystem restoration at the four Lake Shelbyville Waterfowl Management Areas. Shelby & Moultrie Counties, IL Species Survey
2005-L11W Monitoring of deer browse impacts and effectiveness of deer management plans on IDNR-owned natural areas: To collect data on deer numbers and browse related vegetation impacts. Funds will be allocated to Natural Heritage Regionals based on needs. Statewide Species Survey
2005-L05W Botanical Inventory of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area: To document the vascular plant species diversity at PRSNA by collecting representative specimens of all taxa of vascular plants and bryophyes found at the site, Jasper County properties only. Species Survey
2005-L01W Plants of Concern: A Volunteer-based, Regional, Standardized Monitoring Program for Rare Plants: This is a long-term rare plant monitoring collaboration linking northeastern Illinois forest preserves and conservation districts, local conservation organizations, volunteers and scientists to ensure the stability of the region's rarest plant populations. Statewide (Northeast section) Species Survey
2005-029W Freshwater Mussel Survey of Brouilletts Creek, IL: To sample freshwater mussels in the Brouilletts Creek drainage with the objectives of obtaining data on the present distribution and structure of the assemblage. Edgar County, IL Species Survey
2005-028W Winter diet of Long-eared Owls at Lost Mound: To determine relative abundance of prey species from the winter months of 202002-2004; estimate the number and age class of each species eaten; compare relative abundance of rodents in owl diet with past studies of small mammal abundance; compare study results with others in the midwest. Carroll and JoDaviess Counties, IL Species Survey
2005-025W Shorebird Predation on Benthic Invertebrates: To evaluate shorebird behavior, microhabitat use, and food resource availability during migration. Chautauqua and Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge - Mason & Fulton County, Illinois, and Rick Lake and Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area - Fulton and Peoria County, IL Species Survey
2005-024W Continued Monitoring of the River Cooter in Southeastern Gallatin County, IL: To monitor marked and new individuals to assess growth, recruitment and survivability rates; examine differences of cohorts; examint trends of life history traits. Gallatin County, IL Species Survey
2005-022W Mines as Bat Hibernacula with Emphasis on Indiana Bats: To determine the requirements and characteristics required of a mine/cavern to be used by bats in southern Illinois as a hibernaculum. Alexander County, IL Species Survey
2005-019W Mussel Diversity Surveys East and West Fork Mazon River: To provide additional mussel data focusing on 10 sites producing a database of mussel species; include a school component; develop educational posters. Grundy County, Illinois Species Survey
2005-016W Red-Shouldered Hawk inventories - Milan Bottoms and Pools 12 & 13 of the Upper Mississippi River: To search previously active and potentially new nesting sites within the study area; monitor progress at known nesting attempts to determine reproductive success; compare this success with previous years and other locations. Jo Daviess & Carroll Counties Species Survey
2005-005W Can Supplemental Pollination Increase Reproduction in Isolated Plant Populations?: To determine the prevalence and extent of inbreeding depression in the isolated populations of 3 species of Asclepias (milkweed), whether assisted pollination is an effective tool in restoring reproductive vigor to isolated populations, and the effective isolation of the population based on the vagility of common pollinators. Champaign and Shelby Counties, Illinois Species Survey
2005-004W The Effects of Woodland Restoration on Bat Activity: To comprehensively survey the species of bats in Lake County; identify preferred day roosting sites of bats in urban settings; calculate roost site selection in relation to neighboring landscape. Lake County, Illinois Species Survey
2004-L45W A Species Survey of Nature Preserves and State Forest in the Illinois River Section of the Illinois River & Mississippi River Sand Areas Natural Division: Documentation of vascular plant species diversity in area along with the presence of high quality natural communities; determine and adequately survey the natural communities that exist in the Illinois River Section of the complex. Species Survey
2004-L39W Inventory forest communities in the Kaskaskia Resource Rich area using GIS/GPS technology: Project to develop a predictive model for the natural communities with a pilot area using a classification system based on the IL Natural Area Inventory; perform ground-truthing for the model; and, create GIS inventory of the community types. Species Survey
2004-L38W Small Mammal Survey of Ark Land Acquisition Property: Perry County, Determine whether rice rats (Oryzomys palustris) occur with the area; determine small mammal species diversity; document possible occurrence of previously unreported small mammal taxa in the ALAA. Species Survey
2004-L34W Endangered and Threatened plant species at Pistakee Bog and Volo Bog Nature Preserves: field verification, monitoring and GPS. Species Survey
2004-L32W Endangered and Threatened Plant species at Illinois Beach State Park and Nature Preserve: File search, field verification, and GPS mapping.: Produce an organized summary and map of file records and provide location information on over 40 state listed E&T plant species. Species Survey
2004-L31W Biologic Inventories for Natural Areas: Evaluate flora and avian fauna at seven natural areas in McHenry County Species Survey
2004-L26W Development of recovery strategy for endangered plant species through habitat recovery, preservation and management: Hire a contractor through the Endangered Species Protection Board to prepare a list of habitat types and the E/T plant species that have a high fidelity to each habitat type, and to develop a sample detailed recovery plan for one or more of the habitat types. Species Survey
2004-L22W Brown-Schuyler County Sites Comprehensive Vegetation Survey: To create a comprehensive plan species list for the Buckhorn Unit, create maps and narrative statements that identify and delineate any State/Federal E/T plant species on all proposed sites along with significant plant communities. Species Survey
2004-L13W Blanding's and Ornate Box Turtle Radio-Telemetry Surveillance near Potter's Marsh, Whiteside, and Carroll Counties, Illinois: To document terrestrial activities to identify travel routes and use areas for the Illinois, threatened Blanding's turtle and ornate box turtle. Species Survey
2004-L12W Historic Endangered and Threatened Plant Species Element occurrence Updates for Illinois Department of Natural Resources Administrative Region 1: Re-survey and document current status for up to 212 historic element occurrence at 175 locations in 19 counties representing 81 listed plant species in Region 1. Species Survey
2004-L10W Herpetofaunal Survey of Kinkaid Lake (Jackson County): Hire a researcher to conduct this survey to strengthen the knowledge base of the flora and fauna of Kinkaid Lake Species Survey
2004-L07W Avian Survey of Spoon River State Forest (Knox County): To survey the avian community at this newly acquired property (1700 acres) to assist with this forest's management. Species Survey
2004-L06W Monitoring of Deer Browse Impacts on IDNR-owned Natural Areas: Contractual services for a biologist to collect vegetation data, pilot and airplane rental Species Survey
2004-L03W Mississippi River Pool 25 Mussel Bed Survey: To compile basic data on bed composition, size and location of different mussel species to aid in the recovery of dwindling mussel populations. Species Survey
2004-040W Massasauga Survey: Search for Massasauga rattlesnakes at Allerton and surrounding properties in Piatt County Species Survey
2004-037W Determination of the Status of the Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemicinctus) in Illinois : To determine if the nine-banded armadillo has successfully established itself in Illinois Species Survey
2004-036W Update 3 records- American burread (Sparganium americanum), Bristly balkberry (Rubus setosus), and pink milkwort (polygola incarnata) in Iroquois County; and update 1 historical record of false foxglove (Tamentherea auriculata) along an abandoned railroad in Champaign County. Species Survey
2004-032W Status of State Endangered/Threatened Fishes on the Mississippi River at Grand Tower, Illinois: Status survey of the Stergeon Chub, Macrhybopsis gelida, the Bigeye Shiner, Notropis boops, the Western Sand Darter, Ammocrypta clara, and the Crayfish, Orconectes placidus, in the Middle Mississippi River, at Grand Tower, Illinois Species Survey
2004-030W An Intensive Survey of the Aquatic Insect Community Found in the Lusk Creek System: To conduct a faunal survey of aquatic insect community and document, compile a list of the aquatic insect fauna Species Survey
2004-026W Voight Pauper Cemetery Prairie Floristic Inventory Species Survey
2004-024W Bird Surveys on Long Island: Summary Report For the 2003 Breeding Season Avian Point Count Survey at the Long Island Compled, Mississippi River Pool 21 Species Survey
2004-023W Reptile & Amphibian Survey of Kyte River Bottoms: Inventory of the amphibians and Reptiles of the Kyte River Bottoms, Ogle County, Illinois Species Survey
2004-022W Search previous and potential nesting sites in study area; monitor progress at known sites for reproductive activity; compare reproductive success during 2003 Species Survey
2004-021W Mammal Study at Ft. Daniel Conservation Area: To verify the presence of small mammals through surveys conducted at Ft. Daniel CA, for the purpose of inventory. Species Survey
2004-019W Conduct a second season of study of the avifauna of this area located in Lake County. An initial study was conducted in 2000 by Dr. Joel Greenberg who recommended an additional study. Species Survey
2004-010W Recovery of pond-breeding amphibians at Warbler Woods Nature Preserve (Coles County): Sample amphibian populations at 4 ponds; identify and mark individuals and record morphometrics and capture location. Species Survey
2004-006W Botanical Survey of Wildcat Hollow State Forest Species Survey
2004-004W Status of the State Threatened Illinois Chorus Frog in Mason and Cass Counties, IL: To locate, estimate size, and describe habitat type of choruses in Mason and Cass counties. Species Survey
2004-002W Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Survey of Hanover Bluff: Habitat evaluation, Current 2004 Reproductive data including additional Gestating/Birthing sites, and Summary of 14 years of Observations Species Survey
2003-L21W Kankakee Sands Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene onata) Population & Ecosystme Assessment Species Survey
2003-L20W Monitoring Grassland Birds at Pyramid State Park; Perry County, Illinois Species Survey
2003-L13W Survey for Freshwater Mussels at Milan Bottoms (Mississippi River), Andalusia, Rock Island County, Illinois Species Survey
2003-L10W Statewide Exotic and/or Invasive Species Management Project - Assist with funding of exotic invasive species management at 5 state-owned sites.  Species Survey
2003-L05W Conduct a Herpetofaunal Survey of Kinkaid Lake in Jackson County Species Survey
2003-L01W The Population status of the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Species Survey
2003-060W Insect Survey of Waukegan Dunes, Summer 2002 Including Butterflies, Dragonflies & Beetles: Lepidoptera, Odonata, and Coleoptera Survey Species Survey
2003-058W Comparison of Populations of Lesquerella ludoviciana throughout its Range at the Henry Allen Gleason Nature Preserve Species Survey
2003-056W Conduct a Survey for Three Rare Butterflies in the Pembroke Savanna Region, Kankakee Sands, Kankakee and Iroquois Counties Species Survey
2003-052W Monitoring introduced populations of the fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum in Union, Alexander, Pulaski, Johnson, Massac and Union Counties Species Survey
2003-049W Mussel Survey: Unionid Mussel Fauna of the Apple River above Hanover, Illinois Species Survey
2003-044W Summary of "A Herpetofaunal Survey of the River Bend Forest Preserve" Species Survey
2003-036W Conduct a survey of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Pulaski County, Illinois Species Survey
2003-033W Conduct a Mussel Survey of Two Stream Segments (Sangamon River & Jordan Creek) in east central Illinois Species Survey
2003-029W Conduct an Amphibian and Reptile Survey of Sangamon River Corridor, Piatt County, as a baseline survey Species Survey
2003-028W Conduct a Population census of Ambystoma plantineum (endangered silvery salamander) at the Middle Fork Woods Nature Preserve in Kickapoo State Recreation Area, Vermilion County Species Survey
2003-026W Monitor the Amphibian Colonization of the Mitigation Wetlands in Perry County, Illinois - wages for a student worker to assist with the field sampling Species Survey
2003-024W Conduct a Bird Survey of Waukegan River from Mouth of River to Washington Park Species Survey
2003-016W Conduct a Botanical Inventory of Coneflower Hill Prairie in Shelby County Species Survey
2003-012W Seedbanks and Plant Development of Stylisma pickeringii, and Endangered Plant in Illinois: Mason and Henderson Counties Species Survey
2003-007W Conduct an Avian Survey of Double T State Fish and Wildlife Area Grassland in Fulton County Species Survey
2003-003W Bird Conservation Network (BCN) Bird Census: Recruitment & operational costs associated with the Bird Conservation Network (BCN) Bird Census Species Survey
2002-L07W A Species Survey: Vascular Flora of the Pembroke Savanna, Kankakee County, Illinois Species Survey
2002-L06W Freshwater mussel survey of the Lost Mount Unit of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge & Lower Apple River (Grant Request was $14,500) Species Survey
2002-L04W Avian Survey of The Ark Land Complex: Monitoring Grassland Birds at Pyramid State Park, Perry County, Illinois Species Survey
2002-061W A Resurvey of the "Spring-Summer Stoneflies" in the Rock River in Illinois Species Survey
2002-060W Resident Herpetofauna and Avifauna of a Black Oak Savanna in Pembroke Twp., Kankakee County Species Survey
2002-040W Potawatomi Woods Floristic Inventory: A Vegetation Inventory of Potawatomi Woods Species Survey
2002-039W Insect Inventory of Macoupin Creek Barrens, Macoupin County Species Survey
2002-038W The Flora of Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve Species Survey
2002-036W Floristic Survey of Willow Creek Natural Area Species Survey
2002-034W A Floristic Survey of Wildcat Hollow State Forest Species Survey
2002-033W Insect Survey for Carpenter Park Nature Preserve, Sangamon County, Illinois Species Survey
2002-032W Breeding Bird Survey of Shellbark Bottoms Natural Heritage Landmark & Robeson Hills Natural Area Species Survey
2002-031W Amphibian and reptile survey of Calamus Lake Nature Preserve, Macon County, Illinois Species Survey
2002-027W A Survey of Illinois Populations of Phaeophyscia Leana, an Endangered Lichen: Populations of Phaeophyscia leana (Tuck.) Essl. Within the Ohio River Basin Species Survey
2002-023W Red-Headed Woodpeckers as Indicators of Ecosystem Function in Oak Savannas Species Survey
2002-022W Seed Vigor of Virginia Bunchflower (Melanthium Virginicum) from Illinois Species Survey
2002-006W Reproductive success of Ambystoma platineum, Kickapoo State Park, Vermilion County, Illinois Species Survey
2002-004W Population management of the amphibian community at Warbler Woods Land and Water Reserve Species Survey
2001-L08W Green River State Wildlife Area Insect Survey and Collection: A Survey of the Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, Froghoppers, Grasshoppers, Butterflies and moths of the Green River State Wildlife Area, Lee County, Illinois Species Survey
2001-L04W A Species Survey of the Iroquois County Conservation Area and Hooper Branch Savanna Nature Preserve: Vascular Flora of Iroquois County Conservation Area and Hooper Branch Savanna Nature Preserve, Iroquois County, IL Species Survey
2001-L03W Twenty-five Year Trends of Change in Prairie and Wetland Natual Areas in the Chicago Region of Northeastern Illinois: Determining Status and Temporal Change in Chicago Region Prairies, Savannas, and Wetlands Originally Sampled by the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Species Survey
2001-100W Survey of Pond-Breeding Amphibians at Warbler Woods Land and Water Reserve Species Survey
2001-065W BCN Census '01 Species Survey
2001-064W Eradication of Exotic Species in Riverside, Illinois Species Survey
2001-060W Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Training Program Species Survey
2001-059W Reproductive Potential in Three Colonies of Silvery Bladderpod:   (Lesquerella ludoviciana) Species Survey
2001-058W Species Inventory of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Stark County Species Survey
2001-051W Reproduction of Ambystoma platineum: Reproductive Success of Ambystoma platineum Kickapoo State Park, Vermilion Co., Illinois Species Survey
2001-050W Status Survey of a Rare Lily, chamaelirium luteum (Liliaceae) in Illinois Species Survey
2001-048W Inventory of Amphibian and Reptile Diversity in Logan County, Illinois Species Survey
2001-046W A Herpetological Survey of Knox County, Illinois Species Survey
2001-043W Geographic Distribution of the Cave Salamander, Eurycea lucifuga, in Southern Illinois Species Survey
2001-042W The Ecological Status of the Carinate Pillsnail Euchemotrema hubrichti Species Survey
2001-039W Survey of the Ichthyofauna in Knox and Stark Counties Species Survey
2001-037W Vegetation Survey of Buehler Property Species Survey
2001-031W A Floristic Survey of Dean Hills Nature Preserve Species Survey
2001-028W Vegetation of Eversgerd Post Oak Flatwoods, Clinton County, Illinois Species Survey
2001-027W Plant Inventory at Wolf Road Prairie Species Survey
2001-023W Survey of catocala whitneyii, Winnebago County, Illinois Species Survey
2001-020W Migratory Waterbird Survey of Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area Species Survey
2001-014W Marshall County, Illinois Plant Occurences Species Survey
2000-L17W Conservation Ecology of Aquatic invertebrates in the Illinois Sand Areas Natural Division Species Survey
2000-L15W Green River SWA Insect Survey and Collection Species Survey
2000-L12W Breeding Season Avian Use and Nesting Census of Milan Bottoms, Rock Island County, Illinois Species Survey
2000-L11W Site fidelity of grassland birds at Savanna Army Depot (Lost Mound Prairie) Species Survey
2000-L10W Natural Community Classifications: Site selection, plot establishment, and data collection to describe 12 previously unsampled natural community types in Southern Illinois Species Survey
2000-L09W Small Mammal Survey in Upland Habitats at the Savanna Army Depot, Carroll and JoDaviess Counties, Illinois Species Survey
2000-L08W Mitchell's Grove Nature Preserve Plant Inventory: Floristic Inventory of Mitchell's Grove Nature Preserve Species Survey
2000-L07W The Illinois-Missouri Cooperative Mussel Project - Report of 1999 Mussel Surveys of Five Beds on Mississippi River Pool 24 Species Survey
2000-L06W A Species Survey of the Green River State Conservation Area, Lee County, Illinois Species Survey
2000-L05W The Ecology and Population Dynamics of the Yellow Head Blackbird: Yellow-Headed Blackbirds in Illinois Species Survey
2000-L01W Movements and habitat use of E. Massasauga at Carlyle Lake Species Survey
2000-082W Cont.d monitoring of Red-shouldered Hawks within the Milan Bottoms: Report on Red-ShoulderedW Hawk Nesting Within the Milan Bottoms and Pools 9-16 of the Upper Mississippi River Valley During 1999 Species Survey
2000-079W Investigations of Nest-Site Reoccupation of Red-Shouldered Hawks in Northwestern Illinois along the Mississippi River Species Survey
2000-074W Botanical survey of railroad prairies in Kane County Species Survey
2000-070W Herpetofaunal Survey along the Illinois River in Woodford and Marshall Counties Species Survey
2000-064W Bird Conservation Network census year 2000 Species Survey
2000-062W Inventory of the invertebrates occupying a wetland/sand prairie ecosystem Species Survey
2000-061W An Insect Survey for Siloam Springs, Adams Co., IL Species Survey
2000-054W Songbird Survey of a Franklin Creek SNA site Species Survey
2000-050W The Status of the Cricket Frog in Northern Illinois Species Survey
2000-049W Status assessment of the endangered False Mallow Species Survey
2000-040W Status of the Eastern Massasauga at the Massasauga Prairie Nature Preserve, Warren County, Illinois Species Survey
2000-038W Distribution, habitat and demographic characteristics of Cimicifuga rubifolia Kearney: Status of Cimicifuga rubifolia Kearney, Black Cohosh or Appalachian Bugbane, in Illinois, 1999 Species Survey
2000-034W Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Evaluation of Laona Heights Nature Preserve, Winnebago County, Illinois Species Survey
2000-024W Illinois Status Survey of the Redside Dace: the Newest Addition to the State's Native Fauna Species Survey
2000-019W Stream Assessment in Mitchell's Grove Nature Preserve Species Survey
2000-016W A Survey of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Wilmington Shrub Prairie Nature Preserve, Will County, Illinois Species Survey
2000-013W Caddisfly fauna of Split Rock Brook: Caddisfly Diversity, Abundance, and Larval Growth in Split Rock Brook of Pecumsaugan Creek and Blackball Mine State Nature Preserve Species Survey
2000-012W Identification, current distribution, and relative abundance of the cotton mouse in Illinois Species Survey
2000-002W Butterfly Survey of Pike County INAI Sites: Survey of Butterflies and Plants in Hill Prairies and Wetlands of Southwest Pike County, Illinois Species Survey
1999-L11W Bird Survey of Large Grassland Ecosystems Species Survey
1999-L10W Mississippi River - Pool 24 - Mussel Bed Survey Species Survey
1999-L08W Breeding Season Avian Use and Nesting Census of Milan Bottoms, Rock Island County, Illinois (Year 1) Species Survey
1999-L05W Avian Conservation in the Kankakee Sands Area Species Survey
1999-L03W A Species Survey of the Momence wetlands, Kankakee County, IL Species Survey
1999-L02W Biological Inventory of the Kaskaskia River Bottomlands: Vascular Flora of Momence Wetlands, KankakeeCounty, Illinois Species Survey
1999-056W Species Survey for Lake Bluff Site, Lake County Forest Preserve: Ecological Assessment of the Lake Bluff Site, Lake County Forest Preserve District & Lake Bluff Open Lands Association Species Survey
1999-053W Breeding Bird Survey of Snakeden Hollow SFWA, Knox County, Illinois Species Survey
1999-052W Base Line Breeding Bird Survey: A Biological Inventory of the Birds of Three Lake Forest Open Lands Association Nature Preserves: Derwen Mawr, Everett Farm and Mellody Farm - 1998 and 1999 Species Survey
1999-050W Chicagoland Bird Monitors Start-up Funding Species Survey
1999-048W Vascular Plant Inventory for Land and Water Registry Proposals - Morain Hills State Park and Chain O'Lakes State Park Species Survey
1999-045W Baseline Lepidopteran Surveys in Lake and McHenry Counties Species Survey
1999-043W Population Genetic Structure and Conservation Status of Speyeria idalia (the Regal Fritillary) From Populations Across its Range Species Survey
1999-040W Flora and Fauna Inventory and Geological Assessment of the Lenore McDonald Farm Property Species Survey
1999-039W Floristic Survey in the Kaskaskia Bottoms Species Survey
1999-037W Herpetofaunal Survey of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area, Jasper and Marion Counties, Illinois Species Survey
1999-034W Inventory of the Water Striders of the Lower IllinoisRiver Basin Species Survey
1999-033W Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates at Two Karst Springs in the Sinkhole Plain of Monroe County, IL: Effects of Water Quality and Hydrology Species Survey
1999-032W The Status of the Cricket Frog in Northern Illinois Species Survey
1999-029W Vegetation of Bluff Springs Sand Ponds Species Survey
1999-027W Habitat Use and Hibernacula of Three Species of Snakes at the Middle Fork Fish and Wildlife Area Species Survey
1999-024W A Post-Impoundment Survey of Kinkaid Creek Fishes Species Survey
1999-023W Hopewell Hill Prairies Vascular Plant Inventory Species Survey
1999-018W Herpetofaunal Sampling of Dry Culverts and Drift Fencing Along Forest Highway One Near Little Grand Canyon, Jackson County, Illinois Species Survey
1999-017W Distribution, Habitat, and Demographic Characteristics of Silene Ovata Pursh(Caryophyllaceae) Populations in Illinois Species Survey
1999-016W Determining the Distribution, Site Relationships, and Successional Trends of Chestnut Oak in Illinois Species Survey
1999-013W Proposed Avian Surveys for the Milan Bottoms - 1998: Report on Red-Shouldered Hawk Investigations Within the Milan Bottoms/Mill Creek Complex 191992-1998 Species Survey
1999-012W Stream Assessment in Mitchell's Grove Nature Preserve Species Survey
1998-L17W Element Occurrence Records Polygon Digitizing and GIS Precision Assignment Species Survey
1998-L16W Green River State Wildlife Area (GRSWA) Insect Survey and Collection Species Survey
1998-L15W Baseline Lepidoptera Surveys for Two Illinois Nature Preserves Species Survey
1998-L14W Evaluation of Changes in Illinois River Turtle Communities over Two Decades Species Survey
1998-L13W Grassland Bird Productivity Study Progress Report - Prairie Ridge State Natural Area Species Survey
1998-L11W Inventory and Protection Planning for the Kankakee Sand Area Species Survey
1998-L05W Abundance and habitat requirements of wetland-dependent birds in Northeastern Illinois Species Survey
1998-L04W Freshwater Mussels, Crayfishes, and Fishes of the Upper Little Vermilion River Drainage, Illinois Species Survey
1998-L02W Upland Bird Survey at the Savanna Army Depot and Thomson-Fulton Sand Prairie Research Natural Area, Upper Mississippi River Refuge (year 2) Species Survey
1998-052W Report on Red-Shouldered Hawk Monitoring - 1997 Pools 13 & 14, 16 & 17 of the Mississippi River and the Milan Bottoms Species Survey
1998-047W Educational Specimen Development Project: Prairie Ridge State Natural Area Species Survey
1998-044W Nodulation and Rhizobial Specificity of Amorpha nitens in Two Illinois Populations Species Survey
1998-039W Identifying and Culturing Floodplain Collembola Species Species Survey
1998-037W A collection of Plants & Seeds From Sand Ponds in the IL River Sand Area Species Survey
1998-036W Fox River Valley Frog Census Species Survey
1998-031W Protocol Development of a Seasonal Survey of Small-Stream Freshwater Mussels Species Survey
1998-030W Illinois Beach State Park Floristic Assessment Species Survey
1998-029W Santa Fe Prairie Species Survey Species Survey
1998-028W Breeding Bird Survey of Chauncey Marsh Natural Area Species Survey
1998-025W The Flora of Lowell Park, Lee County, Illinois Species Survey
1998-022W The Vascular Flora of Stephen A. Forbes State Park, Marion County, Illinois Species Survey
1998-020W Status Survey of the Least Brook Lamprey, Lampetra aepyptera Species Survey
1998-015W An Assessment of the Conservation Status of the Western Hognose Snake and Ecological Integrity of the Sand Prairie Ecosystems in Big River State Forest, Henderson Co., Illinois Species Survey
1998-014W Status & Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians Production Cost Assistance Species Survey
1998-013W A Survey of Franklin's Ground Squirrel in East-Central Illinois Species Survey
1998-012W The Status of the Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans, in Northern Illinois: A Preliminary Report Species Survey
1998-011W Species Survey of the Tuttle-Clarkson Natural Area Species Survey
1998-008W Vascular Plant Inventory and Community Assessment of Oak Bluff Prairie, Marshall County, Illinois Species Survey
1997-L12W Forest Vegetation of Beall Woods Natural Area, Wabash County, Illinois Species Survey
1997-L10W Survey of Select Prairie Insects on Protected Prairies in the Southern Till Plain Species Survey
1997-L09W Floristic Survey of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks Species Survey
1997-L03W Grassland/Shrub Bird Survey at Green River State Wildlife Area Species Survey
1997-L02W Kaskaskia River Bottoms Flora and Fauna Surveys: Biological Inventory of the Kaskaskia River Bottom-lands, Parts I & II Species Survey
1997-L01W Upland Bird Survey at the Savanna Army Depot 1997 Annual Report Species Survey
1997-055W Status of Hybognathus hankinsoni and Notropis anogenus: The Occurrence of the Pugnose Shiner and Brassy Minnow in Illinois Species Survey
1997-050W Vascular Plant Inventory of Moraine Hills State Park Species Survey
1997-042W Reproductive Ecology, Home ranging and Dispersal of the River Cooter, Pseudemys concinna Species Survey
1997-036W Investigations for Red-Shouldered Hawk Foraging of Nestin in or near the Recent Timber Harvest within the Milan Bottoms: Report on Red-Shouldered Hawk Investigations Within the Milan Bottoms/Mill Creek Complex During 1996 Species Survey
1997-025W Aquatic Invertebrate Inventory of Bluff Springs Sand Ponds Species Survey
1997-021W Factors Affecting Reproductive Success of Cooper's Hawks in Southern Illinois Species Survey
1997-017W Herpetofaunal Survey of Pere Marquette State Park and Vicinity Species Survey
1997-014W Insect Survey for Sibley's Burr Oak Grove Species Survey
1997-012W Impacts of an introduced crayfish on the state endangered Indiana Crayfish, Orconectes indianensis Species Survey
1997-007W Bird Survey of Sand Lake, Mason County Species Survey
1997-003W An Assessment of the Conservation Status of the Western Hognose Snake & other Snakes of the Sand Prairies of Big River State Forest, Henderson Co., IL Species Survey
1996-L11W Invertebrate Inventory of the Prairies at the Savanna Army Depot Species Survey
1996-L06W Genetic Heterogeneity of Prairie Grasses: Assessment of Baseline Genetic Data on Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, and Purple Prairie Clover among Remnant and Restored Illinois Tallgrass Mesic Prairies and Selected Grass Cultivars Species Survey
1996-L04W Natural Community Description and Mapping of the Savanna Army Depot Species Survey
1996-058W Ecology of the Eastern Collard Lizard, Crothaphytus collaris, at its only known locality in Illinois Species Survey
1996-057W Inventory and Quantitative Vegetational Study-Pistakee Bog Nature Preserve and Volo Bog Nature Preserve, Ingleside, IL Species Survey
1996-055W Distribution and Diagnosis of the Copperbelly Watersnake in Illinois Species Survey
1996-030W A Biological Survey of the Peabody Coal Lands near Humrick, Vermilion Co, IL: A Biological Survey and Assessment of The Little Vermilion River State Natural Area, Vermilion Co, IL Species Survey
1996-027W Investigations for Red-Shouldered Hawk Foraging or Nesting in or Near the Recent Timber Harvest Within the Milan Bottoms Species Survey
1996-026W An exotic zooplankton in Illinois: Its Distribution and Potential Impacts Species Survey
1996-024W Survey for the Federally Endangered Clubshell Mussel (Pleurobema clava) in the North Fork Vermilion River, IL Species Survey
1996-023W Productivity of Prothonotary Warblers in the Cache River Bioreserve Species Survey
1996-021W A Species Survey of Chauncey Marsh Natural Area, Lawrence County, Illinois Species Survey
1996-016W Status Survey of the Sturgeon Chub, Macrhybopsis gelida, and the Sicklefin Chub, M. meeki (Osteichthyes: Cyprinidae), IL in the middle Mississippi River, Illinois Species Survey
1996-014W Status and Community Relationships of Pseudemys concinna in Gallatin County, Illinois Species Survey
1996-011W Current Distribution of the Common Striped Scorpion in Illinois, Centruroides vittatus Species Survey
1996-003W Vegetation of Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve, St. Clair County, Illinois Species Survey
1996-002W A Timber Rattlesnake Survey of the Witkowski Wildlife Area Species Survey
1995-L13W A Survey of the Stoneflies of Illinois Species Survey
1995-L02W Update the Illinois Natural Areas Inventories Species Survey
1995-054W Status of the Bluehead Shiner: An Assessment of Reintroduction Efforts in Otter Pond, Union Co., IL Species Survey
1995-052W Lichen Flora of Nine Western Illinois Counties Species Survey
1995-041W Plant Inventory of Ward's Grove, a Dedicated Illinois Nature Preserve, JoDaviess County, Illinois Species Survey
1995-035W Recovery of bird populations in White-tail Deer damaged Forests Species Survey
1995-028W Status and Distribution of the Rusty Crayfish, Orconectes Rusticus, in Illinois Species Survey
1995-022W Survey of the Little Vermilion River and Brouilletts Creek Drainages for reporducing population of the River Chub Species Survey
1995-021W A Survey of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area Species Survey
1995-018W Surveys for Red-Shouldered Hawk Nesting Within the Savanna District (Pools 2012-14) of Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge Species Survey
1995-014W Survey for Pachypolia atricornis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Species Survey
1995-004W Reproduction and Inbreeding in Agalinis Skinneriana (Scrophulariaceae): Final Report Species Survey
1995-002W Endangered Eastern Woodrat: Assessment of a Second Illinois Population Species Survey
1994-L15W Prairie and Wetland Insects of Wilimington Shrub Prairie and Long Run Seep Species Survey
1994-L13W Aerial Endangered Species Surveys Species Survey
1994-L12W The Status of the River Cooter in Illinois Species Survey
1994-L12W Status Survey of the River Cooter: Conservation, Potential Threats and Baseline Ecology of the River Cooter in a Southern Illinois Backwater Species Survey
1994-L10W Timber Rattlesnake Status Survey Species Survey
1994-L08W Endangered/Threatened Plant Survey of Lowden-Miller State Forest: Flora of Lowden-Miller State Forest, Ogle County, Illinois Species Survey
1994-L07W Bird Survey of Lowden-Miller State Forest Species Survey
1994-L03W b Report of a Breeding Bird Survey of the Illinois Dept. of Conservation's Site M, Cass County, Illinois Species Survey
1994-L03W a Vascular Plants and Natural Areas of Site M, Cass County, Illinois Species Survey
1994-L02W Northeastern Illinois Wetland Survey for Wetland Dependent Breeding Birds Species Survey
1994-051W Surveys for Red-Shouldered Hawk Nesting Sites Within Pools 16-19 of Upper Mississippi River, and Observations on Red-Shouldered Hawk Nesting Within the Milan Bottoms in Rock Island County, IL during 1992 and 1993 Species Survey
1994-044W The Genetic Structure of Populations of a Threatened Leafhopper, Aflexia rubranua: Partitioning of genetic cariation in populations of Aflexia rubranura (Cicadellidae) Species Survey
1994-040W Preliminary Evaluation of the Crustacean Macroinvertebrates of Illinois Beach State Park Species Survey
1994-029W Burlington Prairie Insect Study Species Survey
1994-027W Terricolous Bryophytes and Lichens Within the Atwood Ridge Research Natural Area, Union County, IL Species Survey
1994-015W Use of Emergent Wetlands on Mined Lands by Threatened and Endangered Avifauna Species Survey
1994-013W Fungi of the Sand Prairie-Scrub Oak Nature Preserve Species Survey
1994-012W Herp Baseline Survey - Middle Fork Savanna: Habitat Associations and Distribution of Amphibians and Reptiles at Middle Fork Savanna, Lake County, IL Species Survey
1994-008W A Mycological Study of The Shoal Creek Nature Conservation Area Species Survey
1994-004W Acalypha Deamii (Large-Seeded Mercury) Populations in Illinois Species Survey
1993-L14W Eastern Woodrat Nest Site Mapping: Population Study of the Eastern Woodrat in Pine Hills, Union County, Illinois Species Survey
1993-L13W Illinois Natural Areas Update in the Shawnee National Forest Species Survey
1993-L12W Survey of Rare Northern Illinois Fish Species: Status of Notropis nubilus, Hybognathus hankinsoni, Rhinichthys cataractae, and Campostoma oligolepisin Illinois Species Survey
1993-L11W Swainson's Warbler Status Survey in the Cave and Cedar Creek Area Species Survey
1993-L10W Aerial Surveys for Nesting Sandhill Cranes, Heron Colonies and Wintering Bald Eagles Species Survey
1993-L08W Vegetation and Endangered Plant Survey of Long and Nearby Islands: Vegetation of Long Island, Adams County, Illinois Species Survey
1993-L07W Prairie and Wetland Insects of Illinois Beach State Park: A Survey of the Leafhoppers, Froghoppers, Butterflies, Moths and Other Insects of the Illinois Beach State Park & North Dunes Prairie Nature Preserves, Lake County, Illinois Species Survey
1993-030W The Vascular Flora of the Sandstone Outcroppings of Shelby County: A Floristic Study of Mesic Slopes and Outcroppings in the Kaskaskia River Watershed, Shelby County, Illinois Species Survey
1993-026W Lichen Flora of the Illinois Mississippi Rivers Confluence Region Species Survey
1993-018W Survey of 21 Rare Species of Stoneflies (Plecoptera) In Illinois Species Survey
1993-011W Endangered and Threatened Species in Lee County, Illinois Species Survey
1993-008W Fungi of the Sand Prairie-Scrub Oak Nature Preserve Species Survey
1993-003W Vertebrate Study of Singing Woods Ecological Reserve Species Survey
1993-001W A Search for One of Illinois' Rarest Insects: the Prairie Walkingstick (Diapheromera veliei Walsh) Species Survey
1992-L19W Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction - Quad Cities Species Survey
1992-L14W A Survey of the Butterflies and Papaipema Moths of the Grant Creek Prairie Nature Preserve, Will County, Illinois Species Survey
1992-L12W Northeastern Illinois Endanged Species Survey Species Survey
1992-L11W Inventories of Amphibians and Reptiles in Illinois - Segment II Species Survey
1992-L10W Floristic and Endangered/Threatened Plant Survey of 3 NW IL Nongame Habitat Area Species Survey
1992-L01W Kaskaskia River Bottoms Survey Species Survey
1992-046W Demography of Veronica Scutellata in Illinois Species Survey
1992-036W Chicago Peregrine Release & Restoration Species Survey
1992-034W The Lichen Flora of Middle Illinois River Counties Species Survey
1992-026W Status of the Western Sand Darter (Ammocrypta Clara) in the Kankakee River Species Survey
1992-025W A Survey of the Lepidoptera and Odonata of the Matanzas Prairie Nature Preserve, Mason Co., IL Species Survey
1992-021W Fungi of the Sand Prairie-Scrub Oak Nature Preserve Species Survey
1992-011W Shoal Creek Nature Preserve Species Inventory Species Survey
1992-001W Structure of Veratrum Woodii Robbins (False Hellebore, Liliaceae) Populations in Illinois Species Survey
1991-L09W Insect Survey of Seven High Quality Natural Areas Iroquois Co. State Wildlife Area, Long Run Seep Nature Preserve, Spring Hill Farm Fen Nature Preserve, Illinois Beach State Park Nature Preserve, Grant Creek Prairie Nature Preserve, Goose LakePrairie Natu Species Survey
1991-L06W Amphibian and Reptile Site Surveys: Inventories of Amphibians and Reptiles in Illinois Species Survey
1991-037W Diversity of Springtail Insects in Restored Prairie Species Survey
1991-030W Endangered & Threatened Plant Inventory at the Savanna Army Depot: Status of Illinois Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Vascular Plant Species at the Savanna Army Depot, Carroll Co. & Jo Daviess Co., IL Species Survey
1991-023W Reproduction, Survival and Genetic Constitution of the Polyploid Mole Salamanders of Kickapoo StatePark Species Survey
1991-021W Survey of the Greater Redhorse in Northern Illinois: A Survey of the Greater Redhorse in the Vermilion River & A Survey of the Greater Redhorse in the Fox River Species Survey
1991-020W Revis Orthoptera Study with Emphasis on Prairie Acrididae Species Survey
1991-019W Species List, Distribution and Keys to the Gerromorpha (Insecta: Heteroptera) of Illinois: Distribution, faunal list, & keys to semiaquatic bugs of Illinois Species Survey
1991-015W Lichen Flora of Northwest Illinois Species Survey
1991-009W Bryozoan Survey in Selected Illinois Watersheds Species Survey
1991-007W Demography of Threatened Plant Species of Thorn Creek (Nature Preserve) Species Survey
1991-006W Drought Impact on Blanding's Turtle and Epistylis Occurrence on Painted Turtles Species Survey
1991-002W Distribution and Abundance of Reptiles in Hanover Bluff Nature Preserve, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Species Survey
1990-L51W Illinois Woodland Raptor Survey (Year 1) Species Survey
1990-L51E Illinois Woodland Raptor Survey (Year 2) Species Survey
1990-L47W Chicago Peregrine Release Year V Species Survey
1990-044W Inventory of Notropis anogenus in NE Illinois: The Status of the Pugnose Shiner, Notropisanogenus, in Lake County, Illinois Species Survey
1990-031W Avian Populations and Habitat Use on WestCentral Illinois Grasslands Species Survey
1990-020W Blanding's Turtle/Purple Loosestrife Survey of Lee County Species Survey
1990-016W Wetland Inventory in Lee County, Illinois Species Survey
1990-014W Species-Area Relationships of Prairie Birds within Illinois Species Survey
1990-007W Survey for Uncommon Herpetofauna in McHenry County, Illinois: Results of the 1989 Herpetofauna Survey in McHenry County, Illinois with Notes on Other Vertebrates Species Survey
1990-005W Butterfly Survey: Iroquois County State WildlifeArea Species Survey
1990-004W Rare Moth Survey: A Survey of the Papaipema Moths of the Goose LakePrairie Nature Preserve, Grundy County, Illinois Species Survey
1990-002W Distribution and Abundance of the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) in Mississippi PalisadesState Park Species Survey
1990-001W The Status of Aster schreberi Nees (Schreber's Aster) in Illinois Species Survey
1989-153W Survey & Ecology of the Prairie Earthworm Diplocardia communis Species Survey
1989-141W Reintroduction of the Bluebreast Darter into the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River Species Survey
1989-123W Baseline Inventory of a Spotted Turtle (Clemmysguttata) Population at Romeoville Prairie NaturePreserve, Will Co. Species Survey
1989-060W Determination of Summer Distribution and Habitat utilization of the Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) in Illinois Species Survey
1989-048W A Survey of Land Snails in Southern Illinois Species Survey
1989-030W Survey of the Freshwater Mussels of the Saline River and its Tributaries (1st of two years): A Study of Freshwater Mussels in Tributaries of the Lower Ohio and Wabash Rivers Species Survey
1989-027W Rafinesque's big-eared bat protection and investigations Species Survey
1989-017W Avian Investigation of Wards Grove Nature Preservewith Emphasis on Area Sensitive Species Species Survey
1989-007W Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction - Year IV Species Survey
1989-004W Birds of the Middlefork Valley Species Survey
1988-026W Studies of Illinois Oak Savanna Remnants in 1987 and 1988 Species Survey
1988-025W Three Zone Purple Loosestrife Attach Ferson Cr. Fen Species Survey
1988-024W Baseline Inventory of a Spotted Turtle Population at Lockport Nature Preserve Species Survey
1988-021W Insect Study Braidwood Dunes & Savanna Nature Preserves Species Survey
1988-019W Survey of Aquativ Communities in two Nature Preserves Species Survey
1988-018W Herptiles of two Illinois Natural Areas Species Survey
1988-017W Insect Survey of iroquois County State Wildlife Area Species Survey
1988-016W Sandhill Crane / Great Blue Heron Rookery Survey Species Survey
1988-015W Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction - Year III Species Survey
1988-013W Reproductive Requirements of Eastern Sand Darter Species Survey
1988-012W Survey & Ecology of Prairie Earthworms Species Survey
1988-011W Determination of Summer Distribution & Habitat Utilization of the Indiana Bat Species Survey
1988-010W Wetland Inventory Species Survey
1988-009W Insect Study Fermilab, Burlington Northern RR & West Chicago: A Survey of the Insects of the Fermilab PrairieRestoration, The West Chicago Prairie, and theVermont Cemetery, with Special Emphasis on theButterflies, Moths, Grasshoppers, Katydids,Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, Froghoppers, Dragonflies,Danselflies, and the T Species Survey
1988-007W Assessment of Status of Mussels in Little Wabash River: Survey of the Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia:Unionidae) in the Little Wabash River Drainage,Illinois Species Survey
1987-L31W Study of the ecology of Blanding's Turtle in Northeastern Illinois (Carryover from 1986): Ecology of Blanding's Turtle: A Threatened Turtlein a Threatened Habitat Species Survey
1987-L30W Mussel Survey of the Embarra River Drainage (Carryover from 1986): The Freshwater Mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia:Unionidae) of the Embarras River in Illinois:Thirty Years of Stream Change Species Survey
1987-024W Peregrine Falcon Reintroduction - Year 2: Chicago Peregrine Release Hack Site Report Species Survey
1987-020W Wetland Resources of the Ohio and Lower WabashRivers - An Inventory of Fishes, Mussels, andCrayfishes Species Survey
1987-017W Baseline Surveys - East & West Skokie Valleys: A Survey of Amphibians, Reptiles, and Small Mammals at Shaw Prairie, McLaughlin Meadows,and Haffner Meadows Species Survey
1987-015W Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas 1986 Annual Report Species Survey
1987-014W Herptile Inventory of Four Central Illinois Prairie Preserves Species Survey
1987-013W Mussel Inventory of the Mackinaw River: The Freshwater Mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia:Unionidae) of the Mackinaw River in Illinois Species Survey
1987-011Wa Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodbud and Savanna plants and animals: Baseline Data Collection on the Leaf Litter Beetles (Coleoptera) and Other Insects of an Unburned Oak Woodland and Recently Burned Oak Savanna Species Survey
1987-011Wb Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodbud and Savanna plants and animals: Baseline Analysis of Vascular Vegetation for Historic Oak Savanna Remnants of Northern Illinois Species Survey
1987-011Wc Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodbud and Savanna plants and animals: Small Mammals Species Survey
1987-011Wd Breeding and Visiting Bird Species in Oak Savanna Remnants of Northern Illinois Species Survey
1986-L04W Baker's Lake Heron Colony, 1986: Heron Nesting Effort, Productivity, and Response to an Artificial Nesting Structure Species Survey
1986-169W Survey of Aquatic Fauna on the Cache River: A Preliminary Survey of the Aquatic Fauna of the Cache River in Johnson and Pulaski Counties, Illinois Species Survey
1986-136W Breeding Bird Censusing of Lake County's Protected Lands Species Survey
1986-134W Frogs and Toads of Illinois Species Survey
1986-119W Conceptual Plan for the Lake Calumet Ecological Park: Chicago, IL Species Survey
1986-114W Frog & Toad Survey Species Survey
1986-097W A Survey of the Insects of the Fermilab Prairie Restoration with Special Emphasis on the Butterflies, Moths, Grasshoppers, Katydids, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, Froghoppers, Dragonflies, Damselflies, and the Tabanid Flies Species Survey
1986-087W Railroad Right-of-Way Natural History Inventory Species Survey
1986-068W Insect Survey Spring Hill Farm: A Survey of the Butterflies of the Spring Hill Farm Fen, McHenry County, IL Species Survey
1986-063W Native Earthworm Survey Species Survey
1986-038W A Preliminary Investigation of the Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Lovets Pond in Jackson County, IL Species Survey
1986-032W Emergency Mussel Sampling: Analysis of a Mussel Die-off in Pools 14 and 15 of the Upper Mississippi River Species Survey
1986-028W Shaw Woodlands and Prairie Nature Preserve Avian Ecological Investigation Species Survey
1986-028W Avian Ecological Investigations Jubilee College State Park, Peoria County, IL Species Survey
1986-028W Avian Ecological Investigations: Giant City State Park Species Survey
1986-023W Mussel Survey of the Embarras River Species Survey
1986-008W Illinois Mud Turtle Survey Species Survey
1986-007W Blanding Turtle Conservation Species Survey
1986-005W McHenry County Franklin's Ground Squirrel Survey Species Survey
1985-021W Breeding Bird Survey: Pilcher Park Bird Census Species Survey
1985-018W Breeding Bird Survey Species Survey
1985-015W Breeding Bird Survey: Avian Survey of Four Western Will County Preserves Pilcher Park, Joliet; Messenger Woods, Lockport; McKinley Woods, Channahon; Braidwood Dunes and Savanna Nature Preserve, Braidwood Species Survey
1985-014W Prairie Insect Survey: Preliminary Insect Inventory of Illiniwek Nature Area Species Survey
1985-012W Prairie Insect Survey: Butterflies of Churchhill Prairie, DuPage Co., IL Butterflies of Waterfall Glen Savannah, DuPage Co., IL Butterflies of Wood Dale Grove Prairie, DuPage Species Survey
1985-011W Man-made Bat Cavern: A Limited Survey to Determine Species Occurrence and Relative Abundance of Bats Along an Approximate Three KM Segment of the Des Plaines River, near the Confluence of Bull Creek, Lake County, Illinois Species Survey
1985-005W Mussels of Shallow Channel Boarder areas of the Mississippi River (Pools 17-26): Consistency and Characterization of Mussel Populations in Shallow Channel Border Areas, Mississippi River Species Survey